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 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz-Brown  


Wisdom Drums International 
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  • Spiritual Portraits
By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
    Spiritual Portraits By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
  • Custom Shamanic hand drums 
By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
and in-store specials
    Custom Shamanic hand drums By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown and in-store specials
  • Sacred Mandala's
custom to your soul's purpose
By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
    Sacred Mandala's custom to your soul's purpose By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
  • Spiritual awakening book "Challenges of Awakening"
By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
    Spiritual awakening book "Challenges of Awakening" By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
  • Spiritual paintings
By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
    Spiritual paintings By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
  • Spiritual Logo designs
By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown
    Spiritual Logo designs By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

Wisdom Drums International is a home-style wisdom medicine drum-making/art studio where universal spirituality is explored and shared. The studio is nestled in a small rural community with its cozy facilities protected under an energy dome of lovingly rescued trees. The centre is been continuously blessed with ceremonies and ancient teachings. 

 Wisdom Drums International is the home, store, studio and art gallery where artisan, author and universal healer, Gayle Crosmaz-Brown lives and conducts her life’s work. Here she creates her personalized medicine drums, designs and paints spiritual art, sells her biography “Challenges of Awakening – Living Parables” and her drum meditation CD “Walking the Path of the Ancients”. Gayle provides individual healing sessions using sound vibration and energy.

Wisdom Drums 
with the thundering voice of the Big Ice of the High Arctic

Created by Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

 Drums have been used from the beginning of time by cultures all over the world. Drums are used for ceremonies, meditation, healing and dream visions while journeying across the vast expanse of your consciousness. Each of Gayle's drums have their own personal story which is the story of the receiver of the drum. The drum's story is provided through communication with the client and his or her higher self.
This is an example of Gayle Crosmaz-Brown's Wisdom Drums, painted and created with her own hands. Gayle stretches deer hide over her moulded organic shaped and/or round wood hoops. Gayle then paints each creation to include such themes as the four elements; fire, water, earth and air as well as symbolism of mind, body and spirit.

Ancient Waters Vol 1

Challenges of Awakening - Living Parables


Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

Within the pages of this beautiful spiritual memoir, Gayle remembers the source of her Higher Self as her life story unfolds, and shares her awakening to universal knowledge. Beginning with a near death experience at birth she traverses numerous conflicts and challenges, transmuting them into positive beliefs.

“Gayle demystifies the evolution of awakening and demonstrates how to heal your Spiritual self”

Check out Spiritual Awakening books for more information.

Walking the Path of the Ancients

Drum meditation CD

By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

The intentions set while recording this CD was for relaxation and calming as well as healing emotional issues. Releasing emotional stresses allows the physical body to heal itself.

Gayle has also been successfully connecting with the higher consciousness of the Alzheimer's and Autistic mind using drum meditation and sound therapy.

The vibration of sound waves connect with the deeper part of all life...... including yours.

Check out songs on soundcloud: 


Sacred Art: Starr Seed Medicine Wheel/Mandala

By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

 This detailed Starr Seed Medicine Wheel depicts Gayle's journey from pure energy to this planet earth and the stages of spiritual growth along the way.

Other such spiritual paintings are available 

Check out Spiritual Paintings for more information

Introducing the Brain Tree drum and awakening the wisdom and voice of the Big Ice of the high Arctic. For my new drum family member Lynda Rose. Joining my global family of drums spreading their joy... Their wisdom and their teachings around Mother Earth
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Wisdom Drums International

Drum Care and Maintenance

Wisdom Hand Drums

Sacred art is water for a parched soul....
But sacred art can also become parched!!!

Regularly rub your hand gently on the entire surface of your drum. This not only adds your natural oils into the skin of the drum it also helps your spirit bond with the spirit of your drum.

I would like to draw your attention to wintertime drum maintenance. For those living in cold climates and heated houses please remember to store your drum in a cool area. Keep it away from any and all heat sources.
Heat vents....
Baseboard heaters....
Gas and/or wood stoves.....
Keep them out of direct sunlight...
DO NOT even keep your drum in the same room with a wood stove.... It sucks the life out of it.
It will dry out either ripping the hide or crushing the frame.

If your drum becomes dangerously dry or the sound is too tinny.
Give your drum a drink.... 

Feed it some water....
Gently spray it front or backside rubbing it in gently with your hand. 

Those in hot humid climates......
When your drum begins to loose its beautiful voice it may be time for a tuning.
Tuning can be done by doing all of the opposites listed above. Place it for a SHORT time near a heat source or wrapped in a heating blanket. 

Tuning your drum:
If your drum becomes out of tune it may be time for tightening.
Using twine, leather strips or sinuw.... Wrap and tie the back strings together in groups of two until the drum regains its natural voice again....

Note: Do not undo the lacing unless you are an experienced drum maker

Blessings and happy drumming

Gayle Crosmaz-Brown – Master Drum Artisan