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 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven  

Stone-Age Tools Serpent Mounds

Many people have asked me how I gained my knowledge of who I am and my response is..... A ROCK!!! During renovations to our home in Campbellford Ontario which is located on the Trent Canal system, was in ancient times the route taken to Serpent Mounds in Keene Ontario by the Serpent Mounds People of Ohio. When the first stone tool was placed in my hands after being dug up in our yard I had a flash back. Our home was built on the ancient river bed where the river once followed. In the flash back I remembered how the tools came to be buried in our yard. There was a canoe accident, and the stones fell to the river bottom and I died on that day. A fragment of my soul stayed behind with my sacred tools until thousands of years later I could retrieve them. Since that time I have remembered many things, not only from that life time but also from the universe. I began seeing and visiting vortex seeing universe being birthed and so on. This was the big leap the big push thrusting me forward on my journey of remembering.


Ossinagon Stone Pipe Ceremony

Ossinagon Stone Pipe Gift from Nokomis Keewaydinoquay by way of Dan Creely of Chicago Flat stone with a divot creating an indent: Layer One: inside of cedar bark Layer two: tobacco Layer three: combination of ground cedar petals and sweetgrass Ossinagon Prayers Facing each direction say a prayer out loud: East: the colour of white – New Beginnings - WA-BA-NON-GAE (use own words) South: the colour of Green – Growth & Abundance – SHA-WA-NON-GAE (use own words) West: the colour of red – Gone Befores (Our ancestors) NIN-GA-BE-ON) (use own words) North: the colour of Black – Strength & Endurance, Dreams & Visions KA-BI-BA-NODN (use own words) Silent prayer: Touching Earth Mother – WEG-A-MIN-AKEE (use own words) Reaching upward to the Creator – GITCHE-MANI – DOU (use own words) YAY O WAY – Call out loud to directions Individual Blessings Touch the stone Pipe to: HEAD: CLEAR THINKING HEART: BEAT WITH COURAGE & BRAVERY BOTH FEET AND THE GROUND: WALK WITH HONOUR HANDS: WORK WITH HONOUR Finish ceremony: Blessing and Balance, Balance and Blessings for from balance comes all blessings NIN-SA-GI-A-WAY-WIN – FAMILY LOVE EACH OTHER


Blue Flame Stone Teachings
Nokomis Keewaydinoquay - Lake Michigan One of the Sprits guides who whispers in my ear and stands at my side is Grandmother Kee, the grandmother of a dear friend Ojibwa Dan Creely of Chicago. Dan and I have worked together on several spiritual projects. The fire coal bundles, The World Peace candles, and the think-tank study of ancient sites and pyramids. These stones were sent to me by Dan as guided by Spirit, I am sure it may have been his grandmother for she was here on this end when I received them. I was told I would know what to do with them. I am guided to share Grandmother Kee’s teachings with the world. The Blue Flame Stone Teachings I will shall share one teaching per day for seven days from the seven stones. The Blue Flame Teaching Stones Purpose The Blue Flame Teaching Stones were created in order to echo a handful of the lessons that Nokomis Keewaydinoquay shared with her grandchildren during her lifetime. They are a reminder to us of those teachings she felt were central to the health of The People. Each stone represents a specific teaching and can be used in your quest to understand, embody, and fulfill the path of your Sun Trail. As Nokomis meant something different to every individual who had the great fortune of crossing paths with her in this life cycle, each teaching may be interpreted differently by each person who uses the stones. The main purpose of the stones is to remind us to honour those lessons given us by Nokomis and to help us keep focused on our own role within ensuring the on-going of The People. How to Use the Blue Flame Stones: The Stones have been used in many ways. They have been gifted to others whom you feel are trying to find their way and can use the guidance that Nokomis gave us through her teachings. The Stones have also been used in prayer, when we are looking for answer’s to life’s “Big Questions” and this way can help us to get back to the roots of what we have been taught. The Stones have also been used as a personal physical reminder of the responsibility we each have as the carriers of the knowledge, and so can be kept as a way of reminding ourselves to do all that we can do to ensure that Nokomis’s teachings are not lost. They have been used as a teaching tool as well, to help others understand those lessons that are given to us. The Stones were created to honour Nokomis and to remind her grandchildren of the lessons she spent her life teaching. They are used with the utmost respect.

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World Peace Candle

This candle contains the flames and energy of three World Peace Candles. World Peace Flame from 5 continents. This is no ordinary flame. it is a living flame of hope! In July 1999 for the first time in history of mankind, living flames, lit by eminent peacemakers across the globe, were united to create the World Peace Flame. In an extraordinary show of goodwill and cooperation, military air forces and commercial airlines joined with hundreds of previously unconnected individuals to make this dream come true. This flame is a symbol of hope. it represents all continents, cultures and religions and its aim is to bring peace to every living being on earth. 
The World Peace Flame was born of the five Millennium Flames of Hope. One flame came from North America, lit in a peace pipe ceremony by a Native American Elder in Canada; one was lit by Princess Irene of the Netherlands whose work is to focus public attention on Gaia; one was lit in Africa by Dr. Mahsukh Patel in the Rift Valley, in the room of the house in which he was born; one was lit in Australia by Aunty Pearl, an aboriginal elder who devoted her life to keeping a sacred fire burning and nourishing the teachings of her people; one was lit in India, by followers of Mahatma Gandhi, from the eternal flame that burns to ensure the memory of their teacher. 
This flame was gifted to me/White Raven/ Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown by Ojibwa Dan Creely who I have been working with since the fall of 2015. You can read more about other work he does with Peace Ceremonies and Peace Fire at Northeastern Illinois University, in Chicago: www.neiupeacefire.weebly.com

Fire Coal Bundles Around the World 

Coal Bundle – Northeastern Illinois University NOWATEN DALE THOMAS – “The one who listens” was a member of the Kansas Potawatomi Prairie Band. At 39 years of age he was made a Kitchta – spiritual leader by his people. Nowaten was the keeper of the Misho Skodanse, the eternal sacred Fire of the Three Fires people. In November, 1995 he allowed the sacred Fire for the first time to be carried outside the village by Fire keepers Muk-ta-thē Bruce Hardwick and Mukwa O Day Duane Kinnart to an International gathering. In February 16, 1996, the Fire was carried to Northeastern Illinois University and lit for the first time at the 7th annual T.E.A.M. Conference. It has burned here ever since. At first I recall Dale saying was how the Fire was only for his people. A few years later he shifted his feelings and shared how he believed this Fire will be able to help the world, and it was time to be shared with all humanity. I also recall him discussing the prophecies and that we are currently in the time of the 7th Fire which will lead to a time of the 8th Fire, a time of peace and prosperity for all of mankind. I heard him say how Fire is the one element that has been used by all cultures from the beginning of time. Our belief is this bundle represents not only a physical, but also a spiritual connection to the Sacred Fires that have burned for thousands and thousands of years. We believe these bundles represent the collective consciousness of all the participants who have ever gathered. It is our hope you will carry this Fire coal bundle with a sense of purpose, and an understanding that our thoughts, intentions, and actions, at this moment, do influence the next seven generations. These coal bundles have been shared around the world for the last 21 years. The Journey of the Sacred Fire I will only list a few Elders who I personally have been involved with, as there is a very long list to where these bundles have traveled around the world. The list includes Angaangaq Angakkorsuag, an Elder, Teacher, Healer and shaman, who returned to Northeartern and lit the Sacred Fire using the traditions from his Eskimo-Kalaallit people of Greenland. Angaangaq was called by his people to bring home the sacred fire to Greenland. On July 2009 elders and spiritual leaders from all over the world made their way to an ancient site on the Top of the World, fulfilling a prophecy so old that on one knows the time. Jane Goodall stood next to him as he lit the fire. They both placed Fire bundles from Northeartern fire into that Sacred Fire. Two bundles gifted by Gayle Crosmaz-Brown were to Grandmother Jospehine Mandamin at Trent University. Josephine is the grandmother who had the vision and walked 1500 miles, for three months, on the original Anishinaabe migration route from Nova Scotia to Madeline Island carrying a copper bucket of water. And to Annie St. George, an Algonquin Elder who honours wearing the coal bundle as she opens many event in Algonquin Territory and sits as an advisor to the government and cultural projects.. This fire coal was gifted to me/White Raven/ Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown by Ojibwa Dan Creely who I have been working with since the fall of 2015. You can read more about other work he does with Peace Ceremonies and Peace Fire at Northeastern Illinois University, in Chicago: www.neiupeacefire.weebly.com


Gathering Sacred Water

White Raven’s Gifts of Water 1/Greenland: 9 million year old ancient Water from Greenland gifted by Howard White from an ice burg as it floated out of season past Newfoundland, Canada. 2/ Canada - Ancient water from Natalie Crosmaz-Brown who was several months pregnant with Walker Little Bear when she was visiting British Columbia, Canada. She went on a 3 km hike into Takakkaw Falls located in Yoho National Park; the Daly Glacier feeds the falls, which is part of the Waputik Ice field. The water spoke and instructed her to take some of its water back to Ontario to her mother, White Raven. 3/ Germany – Odin’s Forest: Sacred water from a well in the ancient forest of Odin south of Frankfurt, a gift from a fellow contributor of White Raven to manifest change in the world through think-tank web conferences with 40 participants in 20 countries. 4/ Turkey – Ephesus: Sacred water from the home of the Virgin Mary. Paul VI was the first pope to visit this place in the 1960's. Later, in the 1980's, during his visit, Pope John-Paul II declared the Shrine of Virgin Mary has a pilgrimage place for Christians. It is also visited by Muslims who recognize Mary as the mother of one of their prophets. Dan Creely’s Gifts of Water 5/ Scotland - Cairgorm Mountains; This water was collected from a stream flowing into Loch Morelich at the base of the mountains. 6/ Scotland – Island of Iona; This water is from a healing well near the top of the 532 ft. hill called Dun I. It was never dry since 500 AD. 7/ Ireland – Carlingford: This water was collected from a Holy Well outside the home of Margret Connolly – Wise Woman of Ireland. 8/ Ireland – Dublin: Eugene O’Halleran collected this water in the mountains at the source of the River Liffey. An ancient stag horn was discovered at the source when the water was collected. 9/ Ireland – Kildare: This water was collected by Mary Campbell Water Keeper for the Women of the Nine Fold, who are keepers of the Ancient Wisdom, Knowledge and Prophecies. It is from the original St. Brigid’s well. 10/ Ireland – Killarney: This water was collected at the “Meeting of the Waters” at the end of a pilgrimage around the Ring of Kerry. 11/ Ireland – Knock: This water is from a site where the Blessed Mother appeared on Aug. 21, 1879. Over one million pilgrims make a journey to the shrine annually from the world over. 12/England – Glastonbury: This water was gifted from Chalice Well sanctuary and the spring has never gone dry since 1200 AD. 13/ USA, Chicago - Illinois – Joseph Many Horses gifted a container of water collected from the five Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Erie, Michigan and Superior. 14/ USA, Chicago - Illinois: This water was gifted by C.C. Hoover at the 2007 Peace and Water conference at he Northeastern University. Amma a revered Holy Woman from India who is considered a living saint blessed the water. She was presented the Gandhi-King Humanitarian award. 15/ USA, Michigan – Kitchi-Di-Kipi: This site has been a sacred place to the native people of Michigan for thousands of years. It is the source where the Indian River begins. Thousands of gallons of water emerge each minute from the underground/water springs, and you can see it ripple from the bottom of the pool 50 ft below the water surface. 16/ USA, Colorado – Little Colorado River: This water was collected at the junction where the Little Colorado River dumps into the Colorado River. Flowing through the sacred lands of the Hopi and has a turquoise blue colour. 17/ USA, Mississippi River: This water was collected by two elders of the Miniss Litigan Drum Bands of the Ojibwa. A pilgrimage was made from Wisconsin to Louisiana along the Mississippi River. Kinnickinnick and Prayers were placed into the water through out the journey. 18/ USA, Mt. Shasta, California: This water was collected from Panther Spring, located in the meadow at 7,5000 ft. at the base of Mt. Shasta. The mountain is sacred to many cultures. The spring has been the site of Native American ceremonies from before the arrival of Europeans. 19/ USA, Mt. Shasta - California: This water was collected from the source under the rock where the Sacramento River begins. 20/ Mt Shasta – California: This water was collected from St. Germanine’s meadow. The meadow is an isolated oasis and the highest source of water at the base of the talus slopes high above Panther Springs. 21/ USA, Indiana – South Bend: This water was collected from St. Joe River the only river that flows north in the United States. A sacred fire burned on the island in the middle of the river during the peace conference in July 2003. South Bend was the last major encampment of the Potawatomi before they were forcible relocated, on foot, to Kansas in the late 1800’s. 22/ France – Lourdes: This water was collected from the grotto where the Blessed Mother appeared. Millions of pilgrims make the journey to pray and ask for healings. 23/ Columbia – Iguaque: Iguaque is a sacred mountain in Columbia that contains seven sacred lakes. It means the “water of power”. 24/ Mexico – Montezuma’s Well: This water was collected from the well, which has been a site for many Native American tribes of pilgrimage and ceremony for thousands of years. 25/ Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar: This water was collected from the source of the Eight Medicine Buddha Tradition. Khamba Lama Dr. Natsagdorj, a lama with Mongolian status of the Dalai Lama, blessed the water in a special ceremony.

 Peace Pole – May Peace Prevail on Earth

In 2010 I registered my intention with “The Peace Pole Project” and created a World Peace Pole for the ceremonies and celebrations for Summer Solstice. During the first phase of our event since I had not picked a location for its planting, we as a group signed the root or the base of the pole with our prayers and our names. Soon after I was hired as the art director for the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, at the Buckhorn Community Centre. The festival had a long history stemming back 34 years and millions with love and joy in their hearts have walked upon the property. This was the perfect location so the next phase was celebrated in a coming together of a holistic show and ceremony. Peace poles are connected to each other and to the sacred site around the world. I knew this in my heart and it was confirmed during the grand opening of the art festival. I asked our bagpipe player who opened the event to play for our pole since the writing was in one his languages. I had painted May Peace Prevail on Earth on the four sides of the pole honouring and healing the relationships between the four major groups in the surrounding area. The groups comprise; Anisinaabe – English – French – Gallic. After he played his song he reached over to lay his hand upon the pole and say his own prayers. After which he told me in amazement that he was instantly transported to a ancient sacred rock site in the forest in Scotland the home of his birth. During the Art Festival I began a second project of a prayer mural. I invited children, seniors and everyone in-between to contribute to this artistic endeavor. Purchasing ceramic tiles of various greens and white and with a pattern drawn on the backboard we applied the pieces in prayer. The children were excite to be allowed to break the tiles with the hammer and to lather the mortar on the back and as they pressed it into placed said a prayer for the earth, for the creatures of the earth and for humankind. I have held a Peace Pole summer Solstice ceremony ever since then. I brought with me to Ottawa a portable Peace Pole and conducted my first ceremony here on top of Rockcliff Park overlooking the Ottawa River. I turn my Peace Pole over to Ginette D’Aoust-Castonguay to continue the tradition as of Summer Solstice 2017 White Raven/Gayle Ann Crosmaz-Brown Universal Message and Prayer for world peace, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was authored in 1955 by the late Masahisa Goi of Japan. In a moment of great inspiration and deep prayer, Mr. Goi awakened to the need to spread this Message and Prayer in the hearts of the global community for the attainment of inner and outer peace. The Peace Pole Project. World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony was created by Mrs. Saionji in 1983 as a global celebration of the oneness of humanity. The first Ceremony outside of Japan was held in Los Angeles, California - USA, in 1986 and since then, it has been presented to international audiences on every continent and in every prominent city throughout the world. Poles are now recognized as the most prominent international symbol and monument to peace. Peace Poles bear the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth in the languages of the world. It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 Peace Poles that have been dedicated in nearly every country on Earth. www.worldpeace.org