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 Ceremonial Drums Creations
 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven  

Custom Wisdom Drums by Order Only
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  • Ojibway Moose drum 20 inch
    Ojibway Moose drum 20 inch

Shamanic Wisdom Drums & Custom Leather Drum Bags Handcrafted in ceremony 

Sacred art is like water for parched Souls.....
Drink deeply from the well of its beauty.....
Fill your self with the creation images before you....
Absorb its truth ...
Allowing it to refresh your heart restores peace ....
Sacred art is like water for parched Souls

Sacred Medicine Hand Drums: Art Form Drums

Each drum has the thundering voice of the Big Ice of the high Arctic

Artist and Drum maker Gayle Crosmaz is a Spiritual Being whose drums are guided by the ancestors of the Spirit world. Each wisdom drum is created in ceremony and prayer. During this process Gayle taps into all that is which connects to you, the client. The messages for the drum’s specific purpose will vary from person to person as indicated by the cosmic forces of the Ancestors. Each drum has its own story; both the drum maker and the client discover the drum’s story as it unfolds. Some stories are short and to the point while others are complex and detailed. In both cases the client will recognize their own story as it develops.

These special and magical drums not only promote healing they also guide and teach the client, raising their vibration as well as aiding in deep meditative journeying. Journeying is an important means of receiving complex and detailed messages from the Ancestors.

Most of the drums are covered with deer hide although moose sometimes is available at an extra cost. The wood frames are layered in British Columbia Yellow Cedar. There are many sizes available as well as custom art-form shapes such as the Siberian teardrop and the Ukrainian oval shape.

Custom Painting Spiritual Symbols

Painting the CREATION STORY from the Ancestors will vary depending on the complexity of the messages. Gayle will begin the process in mediation and prayer. She will journey to the ancestors of each drum to retrieve a general impression of the drum’s purpose. Those who will use their drums for Shamanic journeying and healing will have an understanding of this process. 

                                                        Shipping and handling is extra.

Custom Painting on Prebuilt Drums

Custom painting on a prebuilt drum will always depend on the size and the messages from the Ancestors; an estimate will be given after an initial connection with Spirit. 
Shipping to and from the studio is the responsibility of the the client. 
      Gayle Crosmaz
White Raven
Aanaqqii Allaq
- Great Grandmother -
Black Bear
   Initiated Shaman 
Drum Artisan 

     Spiritual Wisdom Drums                
             Custom Created
in ceremony and prayer with messages from Spirit

Painted Drum Price List: 

With prayers and messages from

YOUR  Ancestors

Custom Wisdom Drums

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A sacred drum beater accompanies all drums.

Custom Leather Drum Bags

Hand stitched in prayer and ceremony


Wisdom Drums International

Drum Care and Maintenance

Wisdom Hand Drums

Sacred art is water for a parched soul....
But sacred art can also become parched!!!

Regularly rub your hand gently on the entire surface of your drum. This not only adds your natural oils into the skin of the drum it also helps your spirit bond with the spirit of your drum.

I would like to draw your attention to wintertime drum maintenance. For those living in cold climates and heated houses please remember to store your drum in a cool area. Keep it away from any and all heat sources.
Heat vents....
Baseboard heaters....
Gas and/or wood stoves.....
Keep them out of direct sunlight...
DO NOT even keep your drum in the same room with a wood stove.... It sucks the life out of it.
It will dry out either ripping the hide or crushing the frame.

If your drum becomes dangerously dry or the sound is too tinny.
Give your drum a drink.... Feed it some water....
Gently spray it front or backside rubbing it in gently with your hand. 

Those in hot humid climates......
When your drum begins to loose its beautiful voice it may be time for a tuning ....
Tuning can be done by doing all of the opposites listed above. Place it for a SHORT time near a heat source or wrapped in a heating blanket. 

Tuning your drum:
If your drum becomes out of tune it may be time for tightening.
Using twine, leather strips or sinuw.... Wrap and tie the back strings together in groups of two until the drum regains its natural voice again....

Note: Do not undo the lacing unless you are an experienced drum maker

Blessings and happy drumming

Gayle Crosmaz – Master Drum Artisan