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 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven  

Ancient Waters Vol 1

Challenges of Awakening - Living Parables


Gayle Crosmaz-Brown

Universal Shaman

Within the pages of this beautiful spiritual memoir, Gayle remembers the source of her Higher Self as her life story unfolds, and shares her awakening to universal knowledge. Beginning with a near death experience at birth she traverses numerous conflicts and challenges, transmuting them into positive beliefs.

Gayle demystifies the evolution of awakening and demonstrates how to heal your

 Spiritual self

Price: $25


You’re Here! Forward now. On this path of growth, you’re not alone. You’re safe here in the comfort of an adventure…in an orbit of light and love. Gayle Will take you through her Orbit of many lives, and many cultures, having many markers of expansion. 

My experience of this Story is that of going into the forest, finding an huge old tree stump and brushing off the debris to inspect the circles revealed. From the first opening, you’re engaged. As she story tells in that classic audience diary reflection and resolution... polarity style, Gayle places the mirror facing your mind. You will capture an image of her struggle, and her move into expansion, acceptance, and enthused progression... continuously, rhythmically. 

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim,

Halau Uhane, Lomilomi Lapa’au

Pahoa, Hawaii