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Condor and Eagle Prophecy Rattle


This rattle honours my favourite Condor (water) and Eagle (fire) teaching with the serpent (earth) of light as the infinity symbol.

The rattle is made of goat hide from Cusco Peru.

The stones inside the rattle were collected in Iceland with Sigga Sigurðardóttir near her home town. They are volcanic pebbles also representing fire and new earth.

The handle has been chewed by a local beaver representing water.

The wood handle itself, represents earth.

The condor and the eagle represent air as they fly together in harmony.

Condor and Eagle Story:

In the condor and eagle teachings I have come to understand from the temples of northern Mexico, the eagle represents the mind and the condor represents the heart.

The image depicted on the ancient temple carvings was of a human person full body; accept there was an empty alcove where the head would be. Next to where the head should be, there was a carving of an eagle, the mind.

Next to where the heart of the human would be, there was a caving of a condor.

The explanation of these depictions was that the human mind must be empty like the alcove, an empty vessel, become hollow bones.

A mind must be empty of judgment, greed, anger, fear, envy, and so on.

When the human is hollow bones, its mind and heart can come into alignment to receive messages from Spirit and that is when healing can take place.

These are the teachings of the condor and the eagle that I resonate with the most. Together the eagle and the condor are a powerful team that carries messages to and from the Creator.


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