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 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven  

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Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven/Allaq

Has accepted the spiritual responsibilities of a shaman walking the shamanic path.


Inspirational Speaker

Spiritual Activator, Master Drum Maker, Artist, Author, Teacher,

Public Speaker & Performer


Gayle travels to many countries bringing hope to those wishing to awaken the deepest parts of their soul. She is a cherished Elder who has been honoured by other Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and Shamans around the world and by those whose lives she has touched.


Just a few honoured names she has been blessed with from the Elders and from Spirit: Naammagitartoq Allaq, White Raven, Sherib Dorjee, Thunder Horse Woman and Ancient Waters


Gayle is a highly functioning AUTISTIC and has opened the eyes and given clarity to some whose lives have been touched by autism.


“It is what I came to this earth to do, share primordial wisdom

in my simple but effective way of reaching the heart.”


Primordial Wisdom is wisdom from the beginning of time. Wisdom as taught by the universe and nature around us. Wisdom shared with us by the Creator, the Divine, the Ancestors and the Spirit guides who surround us “By journeying beyond time we can discover what ancient challenges we have brought forth into this life to be recognized, understood and then released for all time.”

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