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 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven  

Primordial Wisdom

Tour of Hope

Let Go of Only Cognitive Thinking:

Become able to see beyond your own knowing and make decisions based on something that is bigger than yourself "

Outcome: participants are able gain the tools and insights to make and base their decision-making with more confidence. We must all walk this earth with practical feet, making life and business decisions in balance. In balance with our own needs and the needs of all and who that surrounds us. Awareness of the needs of environment, family friends, coworkers and business contacts, we learn how to collectively find the answers which serves everyone.

Sharing Primordial Wisdom

By going within, we realize that we actually do not know all the answers to fundamental questions. By becoming humble and asking for guidance in the spiritually infused material world that surrounds us, we can embrace and integrate both the linear and holistic perspectives.

Primordial Wisdom: is wisdom from the beginning of time encompassing all knowing which includes; instinctive, intuitive, inherent and visceral.

  • Instinctive wisdom is unconscious, automatic, doing or being natural.
  • Intuitive wisdom is based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning.
  • Inherent wisdom is inborn, ingrained and deep-rooted.
  • Visceral wisdom relates to deep feelings rather than the intellect.

Ways of accessing this wisdom is the knowledge Gayle shares. Exploring methods that aid us in reaching the depths of our inner Being, our true selves. This wisdom gives us clarity to the world in which we live our daily lives. This wisdom uncovers the answers to all our questions and concerns.

Teaching Aids: By examining natural surroundings and spiritually infused artifacts, we begin to trust the wisdom embedded in every single object. Experimenting with sound, breath and collective activities the individual gains access to the recourses ingrained in the heritage of humanity.

Gayle Crosmaz some call a Spiritual Activator, lives part time on the door step of the wilderness of Algonquin Highlands Ontario Canada. She is a teacher, master drum maker of ceremonial drums, artist, author, public speaker and performer. Gayle travels to many countries sharing her wisdom with those from all walks of life. Her unique methods demonstrate ways of letting go of only cognitive based thinking and open up to emotional and spiritually ways as well. Consequently, participants are able to see beyond their own knowing and make decisions based on something that is bigger than them-selves.

Gayle is a cherished Elder who has been honoured by other International Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and Shamans around the world and by those whose lives she has touched.

One must not only walk their talk they must also live their truths. 
Others in our lives will learn by the example we live not only by the words we express.

Blessings from:

Gayle Crosmaz
White Raven
Sherib Dorjee
Thunder horse Woman
Ancient Waters

Just a few honoured names she has been blessed with from the Elders and from Spirit.

Peterborough: to be arranged
Location: 757 Cameron Street, Peterborough
1 day seminar
Costs: $125 (see web store for registration and prepayment)
Ask about discounts for couples, seniors and Wisdom Drums International Drum Carriers 

Warkworth: March 3rd & 4th
Location: 446 Norham Road, Warkworth
Costs: $250
Ask about discounts for couples, seniors and Wisdom Drums International Carriers

Watch for or contact for spring dates in Ottawa 

Ottawa Area:
Location: 478 Kidd Road, Beckwith, ON (west side of Ottawa)
Ceremony: Sacred Water and Living Flame of Hope Ceremony 7PM by donation to the "Courage Herd"
Dates: To Be Arranged
Costs: $250
(see web store for registration and prepayment)
Ask about discounts for couples, seniors and Wisdom Drums International Drum Carriers 
B&B arrangements are available, only a few spaces contact me for hostess email

Watch for or contact about spring dates starting in March:

Circle Stories with White Raven - Gayle Crosmaz

Last Wednesday of every month

12 pm (noon) Canadian Eastern Time

Host: Centre for Societal Smart Grid Design

Gayle is a Shaman who is following the prophecy of the return of White Raven, bringing hope to the world. She has many traditions within her bloodline allowing her to tap into ancient wisdom by following Spirit guidance.

Through her stories of personal spiritual experiences she awakens hope within all the hearts that she touches.

“Without hope we have nothing”

Invitation: We would like to invite you into alternative value exchange after experiencing White Raven’s stories. Ask yourself how could you bring hope to your community?


Hosting White Raven either on-line with your group/organization or bring her into your community for a one on one seminar or lecture experience.


Hosting Centre for Societal Smart Grid Design to learn more about setting up your own online business meetings.

  • One hour story every last Wednesday of the month
  • 12 PM (noon) Canadian Eastern Time
  • Registering for each session allows us to know who is actually attending the story telling experience.

In this moment are you feeling like a victim of life instead of the co-creator of your life path? I invite you to engage in a seminar that will help you to create a life that sustains you financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually

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