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 Universal Shaman Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven  


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Gayle Crosmaz-Brown 

Universal Shaman

Sacred art is like water for parched Souls.....
Drink deeply from the well of its beauty.....
Fill your self with the creation images before you....
Absorb its truth ...
Allowing it to refresh your heart restores peace
Sacred art is like water for parched Souls

Opening our minds to a higher consciousness, a spiritual awakening is the new frequency in this shift in energy. Uncover your true purpose, your life path by aligning yourself with others who are celebrating their rainbow energy. 

Hand crafted drum creations with spirituality as the theme is the foundation of Gayle's studio of Sacred Wisdom Drums. Each drum has the thundering voice of the big Ice of the high Arctic. 

Gayle Crosmaz/White Raven

Master Drum Artisan

I have set my roots down across Canada over the years from Northumberland County, to living in Calgary, Yellowknife, NWT and the Comox Valley Vancouver Island. I have searched for the meaning of life on top the mountain temples of Peru and the Jungles of the Amazon basin. When I climbed the mountain in the Sacred Valley at the Arctic Circle Greenland I found my voice. I found my voice in the sound of the Big Ice as it cracked and thundered. Its sound reverberated off the nearby mountain. Its sound was the sound of my heartbeat, the sound of my creations, the sound of my wisdom drums.

I have given up so many times through out my life and yet something kept pushing me forward. What or who? It was my inner self, my inner strength that keeps saying get up, keep going, you can do this. My dreams have been many over my years on this earth and so have the challenges of living. Near death experience, a body that is crippled in chronic pain, emotional trauma exemplified, a brain that is challenged with Asperger’s and a soul that was lost in the chaos of life. What is there to live for? I had given up until one day Spirit stepped in and moved me.

I continued my 40 year dream of being accepted as a professional artist, now selling in eleven countries worldwide. My life story made into a movie called “Anne’s Story” was made by CBC in the early 80’s about domestic violence. It inspired millions across Canada as it encouraged others to find their voice. My biography “Challenges of Awakening – Living Parables” goes deeper into the spiritual realm of healing Post Traumatic Stress and other emotional and spiritual difficulties. My CD Walking the Path of the Ancients helps clients with stress, and those with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism and Down Syndrome.

Follow your dreams little one was the direction whispered in my ear from somewhere beyond time and follow them I have.

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August 30th, 2017

12 pm (noon) Canadian Eastern Time

Host: Centre for Societal Smart Grid Design

Gayle is a Shaman who is following the prophecy of the return of White Raven, bringing hope to the world. She has many traditions within her bloodline allowing her to tap into ancient wisdom by following Spirit guidance.

Through her stories of personal spiritual experiences she awakens hope within all the hearts that she touches.

“Without hope we have nothing”

Invitation: We would like to invite you into alternative value exchange after experiencing White Raven’s stories. Ask yourself how could you bring hope to your community?


Hosting White Raven either on-line with your group/organization or bring her into your community for a one on one seminar or lecture experience.


Hosting Centre for Societal Smart Grid Design to learn more about setting up your own online business meetings.

  • One hour story every last Wednesday of the month
  • 12 PM (noon) Canadian Eastern Time
  • Registering for each session allows us to know who is actually attending the story telling experience.

In this moment are you feeling like a victim of life instead of the co-creator of your life path? I invite you to engage in a seminar that will help you to create a life that sustains you financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually